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Products & Skincare at Glo Tanning

Glo Tanning offers a variety of products from some of the top brands so you can maximize your tanning results and build your tan faster!

Tanning Lotion

Tanning isn’t just about achieving that beautiful bronze color — it’s also about taking great care of your skin. Professional indoor tanning lotionslike the ones available at Glo Tanning contain specific ingredients that promote tanning and melanin synthesis while also providing essential nutrients to your skin via intense moisturizers and skin conditioners. Our certified tanning consultants can advise you on which products are best suited for your skin type and tanning goals.

Tan Extenders

  • Extend, enhance and complete your look with these products that preserve your healthy glow.
  • They are made to replenish your skin with all the nutrients, vitamins, and moisture that is lost during UV exposure after a tan. Skin that is healthier and more moisturized will hold a tan for much longer.

Sunless Products

  • Prepare, develop & perfect!
  • Glo Tanning offers a variety of sunless tanning products by Norvell and California Tan, each of which offer fantastic results when used alone, and even better results when used in sync with your sunless or regular UV tanning sessions
  • Each sunless product is created to prepare, develop and perfect your radiant glow.

Facial Lotions

  • Each product is specially formulated to soften the effects of the aging process in the skin and promote a natural looking color specially designed for the sensitivity of the neck and face by providing rich nutrients, vitamins and moisturizers which primes the skin and gets it ready for, and protected during exposure to UV lights.

Men Only

Our sunbeds and sunless booths aren’t just for women! As more men are taking advantage of indoor tanning opportunities, we want to help our male tanners achieve their best tanning results with some products formulated specifically to men’s needs. With these products, men will get rich color that lasts and velvety soft skin – all while still smelling manly, too!

Glo Red Light Products

Prep Spray

  • Apply to entire body directly prior to Red Light session for optimum results.
  • Delivers high levels of hydration
  • Lightweight aloe vera based formula

Target Serum

  • Designed to target any problem areas. Apply product twice daily directly to the face, chest, or parts of the body with stretch marks, as well as before and/or after red light treatment.

Post cream

  • Apply to the entire body after the red-light session, or use as a daily moisturizer.
  • Prevents moisture loss and provide a barrier
  • Plumps, firms, and brightens skin

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