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Norvell Auto Revolution

  • Uses the worlds #1 most requested solution formulation: Norvell® Award Winning Professional Sunless Solution.
  • Norvell® iNTELLiSPRAY™ solution is formulated to work across a wide spectrum of skin tones, creating a customized shade for each client.
  • No orange and virtually no unpleasant ‘sunless tan’ odor.
  • Heated environment activates the DHA and allows a warm, comfortable spray session while eliminating drying time in the booth.
  • Robotic, hand-held simulated spray arm for more precise application.
  • Infrared sensors scan body parameters for an individualized spray session.
  • Automated voice commands guide clients through two easy positions. Simply face front, then face back. No complicated positions needed.
  • Down-draft technology works with gravity pulling any excess spray downward, for a fog-free spray session with extremely limited inhalation of overspray.

Fort Smith

Rogers Ave

Across from Central Mall

4620 Rogers Ave, Suite 101, Fort Smith, AR 72903

Phoenix Ave

Next to JJ's Bar and Grill

5430 Phoenix Ave, Fort Smith, AR 72903